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Welcome to the Spiffy 360 Theme Depository where you can find dashboard and application themes for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U. You can create and add your own ps3 themes to the site for others to download or simply browse what others have created and download them. Once registered and logged in to your account, you will have a new menu item called admin where you can view your private messages, add ps3 themes, manage ps3 themes and edit your profile. When you log in to the Xbox site, you will also have the ability to unlock website achievements to view special videos, forum arcade and more.

After you register on this website, you will also have access to post in the forum, participate in voting for ps3 themes, take the polls, view adult themes, and access the Wii Themes Site, PS3 Themes Site and Xbox Themes Site. After you are logged in, ads will show up much less then a visitor would see.

There are a total of 452 ps3 themes and 119,483 users on the site.

Sorry, the PS3 news has been shut down.